The Healing Springs Mountain VHF Society is an ARRL affiliated amateur radio club making its home in Lexington, North Carolina, supporting a number of local VHF and UHF repeaters. We also support our members who work a variety of HF and digital modes.

W4PAR Members Participate in 2017 ARRL Field Day Event

Several members of W4PAR joined hams across the United States on June 24 & 25 in the annual ARRL Field Day. Eight members and one youth guest set up two stations and explored the bands, operating in "search and pounce" mode, to ensure that our abilities to operate in an emergency situation is still available.

Using 100 watts, the group made 7 CW contacts on 20M along with 25 (10M), 25 (15M), 52 (20M) and 46 (40M) SSB contacts during the 24 hour operating period. The equipment used included an ICOM 7100, a Yaesu FT-450D, a homemade 40M wire antenna and a Cushcraft R5 vertical antenna.

The operating team is pleased with this performance, especially given that we did not mount an all-out push for big numbers. However, seeing how well we did with this effort, we are considering just that for next year.

IMG_5386 .JPG

Ed (WA0YBB), Bill (KG4SAQ) and Tom (NA4U) attempt launching a bolt with a monofilament line into a tree to hoist the 40M wire antenna.

Ed (WA0YBB), Bill (KG4SAQ) and Ed's grandson Micah continue to launch bolts into the trees to hoist the 40M wire antenna.

Mike, (N4BYL) opperates from the 40M station.

Ed (WA0YBB) assists his grandson Micah in operating the 40M position. Micah is studying for his Technician Class license.