The Healing Springs Mountain VHF Society makes its home in Lexington, North Carolina and maintains the paired VHF and UHF W4PAR repeaters as well as supporting its members working a variety of HF modes.

A J-Pole Rework

Bill Thompson, KK4ZIU, makes contact with news of his recent reworking of his dual band (2m-70 cm) J-pole antenna.  In the finest ham radio tradition, Bill has 100% home-brewed this one, all from non-antenna, repurposed parts.  Way to go, Bill!

Originally, I placed the j-pole in a piece of PVC (painted green) water pipe and attached it to a 10' joint of rigid conduit.  I decided to raise my Dr. Fong twinlead J-Pole another ten feet.  The first pic shows the antenna pipe clamped to a section of ten foot one inch rigid conduit.  Next is a close up of the pipe clamps.  I re-purposed a pair of clamps from a rowing machine and replaced the pipe clamps.  I added an additional ten foot section of conduit but the joint was wobbly and I decided to stiffen it with 3/8 inch threaded rods.  The wire ties held the joint together until I could place the pipe clamps.  Notice the flex in the conduit joint and how it straighten out when it was all tightened up.  Once it was all together, back in the air it went.